Part of what makes Pearson Hall, Inc. an effective planning solution is our ability to look at the entirety of your financial situation and show you the correlation between your ownership of assets and how and when they are taxed. From the income tax return to the estate planning documents, what you own and how you own it will play a critical role, not only in the investment return of the asset, but also the cost of ownership and then at some future date, the sale or transfer, either by gift or the distribution through your estate. Too often we have seen really good estate and tax planning documents that are completely undermined at death because the assets were not titled properly in life.

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Campbell University established the Trust Education Foundation, Inc. in 1971 to ensure the undergraduate and graduate level trust and investment management programs keep pace with the growing needs of the trust and investment industry.

Substantial contributions to the Foundation have been made over the years by financial institutions across the United States and by many interested individuals. At this point funding is accomplished through contributions and sponsorships at various events hosted by the Foundation.

The Mission of the Foundation includes:

  • Enhancing the name awareness of Campbell University’s Trust program in the industry.
  • Provide undergraduate trust and investment management scholarships which are used to aid students with high academic achievement and financial need.
  • Assist Campbell University with reviews of undergraduate and graduate level curriculum to ensure it meets the needs of the trust and investment industry.
  • The annual sponsorship of the Trust Advisors Forum, The Southeastern Trust School, The Kenelm Foundation-Campbell University Tax Update and other events.
  • Supporting the placement of Campbell University graduates (permanent and internships) within the industry. This could include introductions, mentoring, providing intelligence to Campbell University staff, and actual hiring or suggesting the hiring of graduates.
  • Support the effort of Campbell University to recruit students for the Trust program.
  • Solicit financial support for the Foundation from the industry to support the above mission.

The board of directors of the Trust Education Foundation, Inc. is comprised of professionals from institutions in the financial services industry. Their personal commitment to Campbell University and to the trust and investment profession has fostered the Foundation’s mission of providing timely and informative education to students and to the industry.


Park Ridge Asset Management is a registered investment advisor in Raleigh, North Carolina. Our goal is to deliver objective and sophisticated advice on a fully discretionary basis to both individual and institutional investors. Our firm was started as a result of the partners’ belief that apart from the largest investors, most individuals and institutions were not receiving the quality of advice and service that they deserved. These investors are all too often forced to deal with a salesperson or relationship manager, rather than a true investment professional.

At Park Ridge Asset Management, our clients will work directly with the investment professional managing their account. We review each client’s situation from a unique perspective. Rather than trying to force our clients into pre-defined solutions or products, we develop a customized investment plan for each of our clients that include carefully constructed portfolios using a disciplined investment process. This process includes:

  • Optimizing portfolios based on each client’s unique situation using dynamic asset allocation modeling
  • Identifying the most appropriate investment solutions, which includes the use of investment managers that we expect to consistently outperform the market and their peers
  • A broad focus on risk management to smooth out portfolio returns

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