Our Advantage

Being a Trusted Advisor to you and your family is at the core of our concept of holistic and independent advice. As trusted advisor, we offer you the following unique advantages:

We are independent.
We are NOT in the asset management business and we do NOT custody assets. We are completely independent from other firms in the wealth management/financial services industry.

We provide advice.
The quality of that advice is highly dependent on our knowing how your assets are performing, no matter where they are or by whom they are being managed.

We offer full accounting.
Tracking of your assets is done through our proprietary software, PH Consults, which provides an accounting of all assets in your portfolio including those from multiple custodians as well as LLCs, FLPs, insurance, real estate, closely-held assets, etc.

A complete financial statement including all assets and related performance information is available on your choice of monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual timeframes.


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